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Once the phoenix tree are planted, the phoenix will come by itself


From March 11 to 12, 2019, the Provincial Managers' Works Deployment Conference of Hemony Pharmaceutical and the Initiation Meeting of the Ficus Tree Cultivation Project are successfully held at Chongqing Headquarters. More than 60 provincial managers from all over the country gather in mountain cities to discuss major events and seek common development.


Excellent Products + Reliable Platform = Mutual Benefit and Win-win

In his speech, the Chairman Lan Jianhua warmly welcomes the arrival of all provinces. Speaking about the development plan of Heimeni Pharmaceutical and the environment of today's pharmaceutical market, he says that Hemony Pharmaceutical Industry will continue to provide excellent products and reliable platforms for the provincial head office to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.


Zhuang Yingjian, Vice General Manager gives a detailed introduction to Heimeni's product supply chain. Gan Binglian, director of Control and Sales Department, summarizes and plans the development of control and marketing department, and interpretates the marketing policy and plan of 2019 in detail.

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Once the phoenix tree is planted, the phoenix will come by itself

“Once the phoenix tree is planted, the phoenix will come by itself”. As the highlight of this meeting, the start-up meeting of the Phoenix Tree Cultivation Project is undoubtedly the biggest hotspot of the meeting. On the scene of the start-up meeting, Lan Jianhua, Chairman, and Gan Binglian, Director of Control and Sales Department, sign an agency licensing with the provincial managers, establish the provincial divisions, and officially commence the Hemony's control and sales business!




In order to strengthen the exchange of experience, the conference specially arranges the self-demonstration of the provincial managers, focusing on the actual experience of provincial control and marketing, provincial managers expounded their own business experiences, respectively. The atmosphere is warm with long and loud applause.




Sharp tools make good work

On the second day of the meeting, the participants visit Hemony Production and Research Center. After visiting the production workshop, drug warehouse and R&D center, the provincial governors have a deeper understanding of the products and have more confidence in the future development of Hemony Pharmaceutical.




During the meeting, the participants are organized by the Control and Sales Department to learn the product knowledge of Sereda, Herculo, Kathleen D, Gesuxing® and so on, and to discuss the product positioning, promotion strategy and sales techniques in groups, which have further enriched the product knowledge of the participants.