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Transformation • Let's start again! - The 2018 Annual Ceremony of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


On March 1, 2019, the "Transformation·Let's start again" 2018 Commendation Conference of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the 2019 Mobilization & Deployment Conference is launched in Liangjiang Genting Grand Hotel in Chongqing. Hemony people from all over the country gather to celebrate the glory of yesterday and look forward to a bright future!

Time flies. In the past year, in the unpredictable pharmaceutical market, all the Hemony people achieved remarkable results with unshakable faith and undaunted spirit!

Look far ahead and aim high while depict the blueprint

On the spot of the annual meeting, Lan Jianhua, Chairman and General Manager of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. delivers a speech, summarizing the work in 2018, and focusing on the mobilization & deployment of the target missions in the next five years, especially in 2019. He deeply analyzes the major historical opportunities and major challenges in front of us.


Lan Jianhua fully affirms all stages of the Company's development, and the correct development strategies of Hemony people's actively emancipating their minds, changing ideas, seizing opportunities, trying bravely, and meeting new challenges, meanwhile he also points out the tortuous paths we've made, existing shortage and deficiency during the development.


From the new strategic height of the Company's reform and development, Lan Jianhua puts forward new deployment and new requirements for the overall reform and development of the Company under the new era, describes the new blueprint for future development and puts forward the key work at present.

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At the meeting, the responsible persons of each sector make a keynote speech on the 2018 work summary and the 2019 work plan for respective sector.

Suit the action to the word, and missions must be achieved.

The session of issuing military orders, presenting a flag and pledging push the annual meeting to a climax. The warfare of 2019 has been ignited, and we'll stride proudly ahead and undertake the mission, while forge ahead to start the new journey.


In the new year, in order to achieve the goal, we will implement the performance and try the best. The responsible persons of each sector have successively made a written military order and swore solemnly. The high morale of the officers and soldiers, as well as the sonorous words, has fully demonstrated the fighting determination and combat effectiveness of the Hemony people.



The honorary commendation inspires people

Summarizing the results and commending the advanced is the highlight of the annual meeting. This year is no exception. On the spot of the annual meeting, the management of the Company issue awards and honors to the officers of Hemony who have struggled for a whole year. Behind the heavy trophies, it is the great efforts and sweat of all the people going forward hand in hand in Hemony.



Looking back at 2018, all the people in Hemony struggled together and worked hard together to gain fruitful results. To the hard-working fellows for the year, it is your hard work that makes the flourishing development of the Company!





Wonderful show, endless joy

At 15:00 in the afternoon, the art performance of the annual meeting kicks off in the dance of "Blooming Flower". The show is full of hundreds of high lights and climaxes, highlighting the spirit of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - vitality, prosperity and unity, which dedicates a feast of vision and hearing to all the guests. The lottery session interspersed with the program pushes the festive atmosphere on the spot to a climax.







Transformation • Let's start again

Thank you for the hard work of everyone in Hemony.

Say goodbye to 2018

Grow and transform

Meet 2019

Meet a better self

Get ready and forge ahead!

In the new year

Let's go fighting!