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Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a new pharmaceutical enterprise that integrates research, development, production, sales and professional promotion. It has set several head offices in Lhasa, Chongqing and Shanghai. The main subsidiaries include: Chongqing Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Tibet Meidixin Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Hemony (Hong Kong) Trading Co., Ltd., Taiwan Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and German Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

In accordance with the company mission of "All Efforts for Your Health", Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is committed to being based in China, going global and becoming a trustworthy pharmaceutical enterprise!

The Company emphasizes the construction of talent team. At present, there are over 500 employees. Most of the core members of the senior management team and sales team come from first-class multinational pharmaceutical enterprises and famous domestic listed pharmaceutical enterprises. They bring the Company with international thinking, vision and management experience and provide sustainable human resource support for the development of the Company.

The Company has continuously improved the marketing system, progressively determined such marketing modes as specialized marketing of prescription medicines and combined marketing of both prescription and OTC medicines. It is devoted to building core competitiveness around the introduction of imported drugs, the merger, the commercialization of Chinese patent medicine, and the development & production of characteristic generic drugs. Since 2016, the Company has successfully merged a series of high-effect products like Beishounin, Baclofen, Trazodone Hydrochloride Tablets, Hainibao, Hicalol and Calcichew D. These medicines cover many departments for bone and joint, central nervous system, nephrology, endocrinology, etc. Hemony is actively fulfilling its promise to provide high-quality drugs for patients.

Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to domestic cooperation and overseas introduction. While cooperating with medicine research and production enterprises in China, it also pays close attention to the trend of global pharmaceutical industry. Recently it has established strategic cooperation relationship with many transnational pharmaceutical makers like PFIZER (USA), ALVOGEN, herbrand (Germany), LUMAPHARM, NOVARTIS (Switzerland), SUNPHARMA (India); LGLS (Korea), WEIDAR (Taiwan) and Lotus Pharm.

Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is being in high-speed development. We will actively and openly welcome domestic and foreign colleagues to cooperate with us. Outstanding talents interested in medical and health undertakings are also encouraged to join us to create a bright future for the undertaking of human health.

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